Permit Applications:

The RCKC now accepts credit payments for Driveway Right-of-Way Applications.  Click "Driveway Right-of-Way Application" below to complete an application and process your credit card payment.

A permit is not valid until you receive the approved permit with a signature and permit number.  

Schedule of Fees Effective January 1, 2016

Please use current forms listed below, old forms will no longer be accepted.  


Seasonal Public UtilityTransportation Non-Emergency Exemption

Seasonal Public Utility Transportation Route Notification Request (Seasonal Permit Above Required)

Seasonal Agricultural Transportation

     Please email the Route Notification Application to

Seasonal Milk Transportation
Annual Cab Card Application
Annual Mobile Home Transportation Application
Single Move Application
Single Move Mobile Home Transportation Application 

Spacing Between Axles 50% Normal 40% Restricted
9 Feet or over 27,000 Lbs 18,000 Lbs 25,200 Lbs 11,700 Lbs
More than 3 ½ feet, but less than 9 feet 19,500 Lbs 13,000 Lbs 18,200 Lbs 8,450 Lbs
When part of tandem axle assembly 24,000 Lbs 16,000 Lbs 22,400 Lbs 10,450 Lbs
When less than 3 ½ feet, the combined weight shall not exceed 13,500 Lbs 9,000 Lbs 12,600 Lbs 5,850 Lbs
Maximum load on any wheel shall not exceed (pounds per inch of tire width) 700 Lbs 700 Lbs 700 Lbs 450 Lbs

Right of Way:

Application to Construct in Right-of-Way
Driveway Right-of-Way Application
Encroachment Information

Construction Guidelines

Please allow 10-14 business days for review and processing applications to construct in right-of-way.

The penalties for working within the road right-of-way prior to obtaining a permit will include the cost of the permit plus any additional charges including administrative and inspection expenses.  RCKC also reserves the right to remove said work within the right-of-way at the property owner’s expense.

When is a driveway permit needed?

  • If you are installing a new driveway
  • If you are paving or installing concrete on an existing gravel driveway
  • If you are removing a layer of asphalt or concrete and repaving with asphalt
  • If you are removing a layer of asphalt or concrete and installing a new concrete driveway
  • If you are widening your driveway
  • If you are installing a low use (agricultural or utility) driveway
  • For a temporary driveway
  • If you are installing a second driveway

 When is a driveway permit not needed?

  • If you are adding a layer of gravel to an existing gravel driveway
  • If you are seal coating an existing asphalt driveway (contractor’s  performing seal coating operations in the county’s right of way are required to have insurance on file at the RCKC)
  • General maintenance not involving resurfacing of existing driveway 

All contractors working in the right of way must have insurance on file with the RCKC.

Insurance Requirements:

Insurance Requirements
Insurance Requirement EXAMPLE FORM