RCKC Winter Weather Response and Reminders

(posted Jan 11, 2024)

Pure Michigan winter is here at last – and your local road commission professionals have been preparing for it all year! Winter weather is expected to continue throughout today and into the weekend. When winter weather affects road conditions, the goal of the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) is to provide the safest possible traveling conditions. The RCKC team have been hard at work 24/7, during and following snow events, to maintain them safely. By monitoring weather forecasts frequently, we can meet winter’s challenges and implement an effective winter maintenance plan.

With approximately 1,270 miles of roads, winter operations can take time, so please be patient. As winter maintenance conditions continue, we work within our winter maintenance priority system, starting with our snow routes. When high volumes of snow are occurring, we may have to continue doing multiple passes on our priority snow routes before making our way down the other levels. Visit www.kalamazoocountyroads.com/winter_maintenance.php to see a list of our designated snow routes and consider planning your commute accordingly. Stay connected with the RCKC by signing up for RCKC Connect for any important alerts.
We thank you in advance for your patience as we work to get everyone plowed out safely and as quickly as possible. Please don’t crowd the plow and give our crews ample room to groom the roads. The RCKC offers the following safety reminders for motorists:

•Snowplows have limited visibility and drivers cannot see directly behind their trucks
•Snowplows often throw up snow clouds, reducing visibility on all sides of the truck
•Avoid texting or talking on cell phones behind the wheel
•Never attempt to pass a moving snowplow on the right.
•Always wear your safety belt and allow extra time to reach your destinations this winter
•Keep a look out for our equipment with green and amber lights

Help us also educate children on the risks presented by snowplows as well:

•Please KEEP THE CHILDREN AWAY from roadside piles of snow
•Don't build snow forts, make tunnels, or play in or on snowbanks next to roads
•Keep away from the edge of the roadway as you wait for the school bus, get the   mail,etc.
•Hidden objects under the snow, when thrown by the plow truck could cause serious   injury
•Keep sleds and toys away from the roadways at all times

The RCKC has served as the local road professionals of Kalamazoo County since 1909. RCKC remains committed to our goal of using our expertise, energy, and funds to provide the safest and most convenient road system possible, and to contribute to economic development and high quality of life throughout the county.


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