(posted Jun 13, 2024)


Kalamazoo County, MI – The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) occasionally finds it necessary to close roads. These decisions are never made lightly and are always made with safety as the top priority. The RCKC urges the public to recognize the critical importance of respecting barricades and traffic signs. Moving, removing, or driving around them poses serious safety risks to residents, construction teams, and all road users. It may also cause private property damage.

Key Points:

  • Safety First: Barricades and traffic signs are installed to protect the safety of the motoring public and road maintenance operators. Even if construction activity, equipment, or maintenance operators are not immediately visible, the area may still present hazards. 
  • Severe Consequences: Ignoring barricades can result in severe consequences, including:
    • Injury or death to workers.
    • Harm to other road users. If a barricade is moved and not replaced, other drivers may be unaware of potential hazards ahead.
    • Increased time and cost to the project due to damage or delays. 
  • Access Assurance: During road closures or construction activity, the RCKC ensures that access for residents, businesses, and emergency services is maintained. There will always be an alternative route or access leading to locations surrounding a construction zone or closed road.

The RCKC asks the community to RESPECT barricades and work zones for the safety of all. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of our roadways is a shared responsibility.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience, until which time roads are safe to reopen. Sign up for RCKC CONNECT to receive message alerts for road construction, road closures/detours, and general public news from the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County website at:

Sharing a similar message from our partners at the Michigan Department of Transportation:

Please note: This information is subject to change. Projects, road closures and timing can change from day to day, depending upon a number of factors, and traffic delays can develop in a matter of minutes due to weather conditions, emergency situations, etc.

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