Y Avenue Project in Wakeshma Township Update

(posted Jun 14, 2024)

Y Avenue Project in Wakeshma Township Update


KALAMAZOO, MI- In an effort to keep road users informed of the latest traffic and road maintenance operations by the RCKC, we have provided the following update for Y Avenue between 44th Street and 46th Street in Wakeshma Township.

Since the last update on May 1st, continued strides have been made towards the reopening of Y Avenue between 44th Street and 46th Street. The RCKC has collaborated closely with the Office of the Drain Commissioner to review the potential next phases of this essential project. Navigating the intricacies of wetlands and waterways in infrastructure projects has entailed substantial regulatory hurdles and meticulous oversight.

The RCKC presented an update with the latest information and a proposed Drain Commissioner bid for almost double the initial estimate for the project at the May 21st Board of County Road Commissioners (Board) Meeting. After careful discussion, the Board decided that further investigation was needed to secure more accurate cost estimates before proceeding with project funding. Clarifications were provided by the Drain Commissioner’s engineer related to the items in the bid. The Drain Commissioner engineer attended the June 4th Board meeting to assist in presenting these items.

At the June 4th Board meeting, the Board discussed and approved the Sager and Ehler Bear Creek Drain project for Y Avenue, Wakeshma Township with the revised project cost of $566,720.00 (initial estimate was $305,000.00). The tentative schedule for work and completion of the project continues to be this year unless there are structure delivery delays.

The Drain Commissioner’s Office will now oversee the project through its construction phase. While specific timelines for the fabrication of the replacement culvert are still being finalized, they will dictate the overall construction schedule.

Please note: This information is subject to change. Projects, road closures and timing can change from day to day, depending upon a number of factors, and traffic delays can develop in a matter of minutes due to weather conditions, emergency situations, etc.

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