As owner, I (we) hereby request permission to transport the following oversize and/or overweight vehicle(s) on the roads under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County and attest that these loads do not exceed the weights and dimensions listed below.




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Object Being Moved

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MAXIMUM Dimensions (Vehicle and Load)

Weight – Axle Spacing – Tires

Axle NumberAxle weight in POUNDS Loaded VehicleNumber of tiresTire Width

Axle Spacing in Feet and Inches

If the proposed move utilizes highways or city streets, permission must be obtained from the state or local authorities.


  1. Permits are automatically invalidated by the violation of any of the conditions specified by the terms of the permit or by false information given on the application. Failure to comply with the conditions of this permit shall be just cause for the immediate suspension or revocation of any or all permits and the operator and/or owner of the vehicle subject to appropriate legal action.
  2. Oversize permits are issued for daylight hours only, Monday through Saturday. Permits are not valid from 12 noon on the day preceding and continuing until daylight of the 1st day after the holidays here listed: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, except with the approval of the Permits Department when emergency repair movements are necessary in the best interest of public safety and welfare. Permit valid only if favorable driving and traffic provisions prevail.
  3. The movement shall not impede other traffic in an unreasonable manner and at no time shall traffic be blocked from use of the highway. Vehicles and loads shall not be parked on the highway at any time.
  4. Vehicles shall be registered as required by the Michigan vehicle code and will not violate any statute or valid ordinance, rule or regulation by any state agency or sub-division of the state. Vehicles are to comply with all statutory provisions as to other permits, licensing, motor vehicle equipment and operation.
  5. The driver of the vehicle shall carry an approved copy of the permit in the vehicle to which it applies and shall have it available
    Or inspection by any police officer or weighmaster of a Road Commission or Motor Carrier Officer.
  6. Applicant shall be responsible for any damage caused to wires, mailboxes, trees, buildings, or the road, including the structures and appurtenances, and shall reimburse the appropriate parties for any damage caused by the moving of said vehicle or load. Applicant shall save harmless, indemnify, defend,and represent the Board against any and all claims for bodily injury or property damage, or any other claim arising out of or related to the moving of said vehicle, load, or its presence on or use of the highway by said vehicle and load.
  7. Permits are not valid if insurance expires. Applicant to present evidence that at least the following insurance coverage is in full Force and effect on each vehicle while operating on the public highways under special permit:
    Bodily Injury liability – each person $500,000.00
    Bodily Injury liability – each accident $1,000,000.00
    Property Damage liability – each accident $1,000,000.00
    Single Limit policy $1,000,000.00
    Worker's Compensation Statutory Coverage
  8. The permitee or contractor shall name the Road Commission as additional insured and certificate holder, by name, on anyGeneral comprehensive liability insurance or commercial general liability insurance carried by the permitee or contractorworded as follows: "The Board of County Road Commissioners of the County of Kalamazoo and their officers, agents and employees, are named as additional insured parties".
  9. Permits will be issued only for vehicles owned by the applicant or operated under a bona fide lease or rental agreement. Theapplicant may be required to deposit a reasonable inspection fee and to furnish a good and sufficient cash bond to cover anydamage that might occur to roads, bridges, or highway structures, by the movement of vehicles and objects under the proposedpermit.
  10. Permits will not be issued for oversize or overweight vehicles or loads that can be readily dismantled, reduced or otherwiserearranged to come within the legal limits or lightest load possible. Permits will in no way supersede posted axle loading limits onany bridge or highway. The applicant agrees to reimburse the Road Commission for any damage resulting from disregard of such postings.
  11. The equipment shall be loaded on the vehicle in such a manner to reduce to a minimum the excess over statutory size or weightlimitations and the least width or length dimensions becomes the width of the load. On movements exceeding legal height, thepermitee certifies that he has checked the route as necessary for vertical clearance and overhead obstructions prior to anymovement. Striking or damage to any structure or facility will be perceived to be noncompliance with this section and will resultin termination of this permit.
  12. The Road Commission may temporarily suspend or revoke a Single Move Permit, either in its entirety or in respect to certain of Its provisions, due to seasonal conditions, other special conditions or if it is in the interest of the public's safety.
  13. The vehicle shall not be loaded or unloaded within the outer shoulder limits of any county road unless permitted by an officer or the Road Commission.
  14. The movement requires the display of clean, plain, red or orange flags of at least 18 inches square. One flag shall be displayedAt each of the four corners of the vehicle or load; and if any portion of the load extends beyond the width of the corner flag, oneadditional flag shall be displayed at the widest point on each side of the vehicle or load. Flags should be securely fastened by atleast one corner or securely mounted on a staff.
  15. When width exceeds 12 feet: Shall be followed by one escort vehicle (passenger car or pickup truck) with at least one flashing orrotating amber light on top of cab, a reasonable distance in rear of the movement when moving on 4 or more lanes. To be preceded by one escort vehicle (passenger car or pickup truck) with at least on flashing or rotating amber light on top of cab,a reasonable distance in front of the movement when on less than 4 lanes. Amber lights are to be visible for 360 degrees for a distance of 500 ft.

I certify and acknowledge that
(1) The information contained in this application is true and correct,
(2) I (we) hereby request permission to transport the following oversize and/or overweight load on the roads requested under the jurisdiction of the RCKC and attest that this load does not exceed the maximum allowed as listed.
(3) If permitted, the commencement of transport as described in this application shall constitute acceptance of the permit as issued, including all terms and conditions thereof and,
(4) I am the legal owner or operator under a bona fide lease or rental agreement of the vehicles to be permitted, or I am the authorized representative and,
(5) If submitted electronically I understand the below electronic signature constitutes a legal signature for the purposes of this permit.

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