Awards & Recognition

2023 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD and IMPRESS AWARD Voted #1 by the County Road Association (CRA) 2023 Highway Conference Attendees for Kalamazoo County for Chip Sealing Light - Two years ago, the RCKC introduced a modified signal light into its chip seal operations. This light replaced the use of hand signals, and has been effective in increasing safety, accuracy and efficiency out on the road projects. 

2023 IMPRESS AWARD from the CRA in Communication for Township "Lunch and Learns" - The RCKC introduced "Lunch and Learns" in 2023 as a new opportunity to meet, collaborate and chat with its township partners. Communication between townships and road commissions is crucial for effective and efficient infrastructure management. RCKC found a new communication avenue to talk things through. 

2023 IMPRESS AWARD from the CRA in Collaboration for the Lake Street Project - In 2023 the RCKC managaed a project on Lake Street with the City of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Township, consisting of water main replacement, anitary sewer and sidewalk installation, road construction and drainage improvements. This collaborative approach reduced time, cost, user delays and wear-and-tear on the road. 

2023 Award of Merit for Providing the People of Michigan the Highest Quality Asphalt Pavement - Projects 2,500 - 10,000 Tons from the Pavement Association of Michigan for Parkview Avenue at 11th Street and 12th Street.

2023 Branch Award for Public Works Project of the Year for Transportation $1 Million - $2 Milliion from the American Public Work Association (APWA) for Parkview Avenue Roundabouts.   

2022 PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD and IMPRESS AWARD in Collaboration - Voted #1 by the CRA 2022 Highway Conference Attendees for Kalamazoo County for Samsara Systems.  The RCKC converted its GPS services to Samsara in 2022 to optimize capabilities and incorporate custom systems to bertter serve the public.  New capabiliteis include access to dash cameras, asset tracking, proximity searaching, real time alerts, asset mapping and more.    

2022 IMPRESS AWARD from the CRA in Operations for the "Dual" Broom Tractor.  The RCKC saw an opportunity to increase efficiency by improving broom operations and came up with the innovation of attaching two rotary brooms to the one larger tractor.  The finished project includes detailed support arm engineering, additional materials and fabrication to incorporate gauge wheels that support the brooms and a water system to minimize dust.  

2022 IMPRESS AWARD from the CRA in Communications for Service Request Tracking.  The RCKC has a long history of prioritizing, tracking and reviewing performance metrics of service needs throughout the county.  Thousands of service requests come from the public, local officials and the RCKC team.  Road related reports frnage from potholes to winter maintenance. In 2022, RCKC began generating detailed monthly service request tracking reports to better serve the public and resolve service issues.  

2022 Branch Award for Public Works Project of the Year for Governmental Cooperation Greater than $1 Million from the American Public Work Association (APWA) for Watkins Road Improvements

2022 Project of the Year Award from the APWA for the Treasure Island Drive, Texas Township Disaster or Emergency Construction/Repair for Less than $1 Million.  











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