Transportation Permit

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Schedule of Fees

RCKC Utilizes Oxcart's Online Permitting Program for ALL Move Permits

Click the link below to login or create an Oxcart account

Oxcart Permit System - Create an Account

Oxcart Application

  • Seasonal Agricultural Transportation
  • Seasonal Public UtilityTransportation Non-Emergency Exemption
  • Seasonal Public Utility Transportation Route Notification Request - Seasonal Permit Above Required
  • Seasonal Milk Transportation
  • Annual Cab Card Application
  • Annual Mobile Home Transportation Application
  • Single Move Application
  • Single Move Mobile Home Transportation Application                                 

Questions about Permits may be submitted to:

Spacing Between Axles 50% Normal 40% Restricted
9 Feet or over 27,000 Lbs 18,000 Lbs 25,200 Lbs 11,700 Lbs
More than 3 ½ feet, but less than 9 feet 19,500 Lbs 13,000 Lbs 18,200 Lbs 8,450 Lbs
When part of tandem axle assembly 24,000 Lbs 16,000 Lbs 22,400 Lbs 10,400 Lbs

When less than 3 ½ feet, the combined weight shall not exceed

13,500 Lbs 9,000 Lbs 12,600 Lbs 5,850 Lbs
Maximum load on any wheel shall not exceed (pounds per inch of tire width) 700 Lbs 700 Lbs 700 Lbs 450 Lbs


All Season Routes and Weight Restrictions

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