RCKC Public Act (PA) 51 Mileage Certification Interactive Map Year End 2023

Please view the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County 2023 Interactive Map and click on a Township to view individual Township Maps. Once in a specific Township you can select different areas of the Map to view a zoomed in portion of that Township.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Statewide PA 51 Mileage Certification Maps

New County Road Maps Available  

Local Maps on Your Phone or Tablet

Get local, expertly-made maps that you can take with you on your smart phone or tablet… without needing an Internet or cellular connection! The Road Commission of Kalamazoo County and Kalamazoo County are making some of its printed maps available on your mobile device free of charge using the free Avenza Mapsapp.

Just: 1. Get the App, then 2. Get the Map.

Get the App, then Get the Map

First, download the free Avenza Maps app from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play store or scan the QR Code. You can download the app directly from Avenza as well.             

Once you have the app, you can download or purchase tens of thousands of maps worldwide. Search “Kalamazoo County” to find the latest map named "Kalamazoo County Road Map 2022" or zoom in to the Kalamazoo area in the app to see all available maps show up with a marker.  The map is FREE!

Avenza Map Features

  • Local content – local maps made in Kalamazoo County with local map data!
  • Easy to use – pan and zoom the map using pinch and drag movements on your screen
  • Use map offline – available anywhere; no need for an Internet or cellular connection!
  • View your location – on the map using the built-in GPS on your device
  • Drop pins and record tracks – record locations and tracks and use in other applications, like Google Earth, Google Maps or a GIS program
  • Map search – search for other points of interest not on the map

The links below help you download the maps to be used with the Avenza Maps app on your mobile device. To view or save a standardPDF of the map onto your computer or device, use the [PDF IconPDF] link at the end of each listing.

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