Right-of-Way Permit Non-driveway

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Do not use this form if applying for a Driveway Right-of-Way permit.  Driveway Right-of-Way permit applications can be found at:  Driveway Right-of-Way

Questions about Permits or to Submit Applications:  permits@kalamazoocountyroads.com

The RCKC now accepts credit payments (excluding American Express) for the various types of Right-of-Way Applications.  American Express is not accepted. PLEASE NOTE:  ONLY THE CURRENT PERMIT APPLICATION FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Allow 10-14 business days for review and processing applications to construct in the right-of-way, unless otherwise noted in State statute.   
  • Lack of permit information will delay the permitting process.  

The penalties for working within the road right-of-way prior to obtaining a permit will include the cost of the permit plus any additiaonal charges including administrative and inspection expenses.  RCKC also reserves the right to remove said work within the right-of-way at the property owner's expense. 

A permit is not valid until you receive the approved permit with a signature and permit number. 

Schedule of Fees

Pay Invoices

Construction Guidelines

Insurance Requirements Policy 

All contractors working in the right of way must have insurance on file with the RCKC.

Bond Information

Right-of-Way Application



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