Complete Streets and Non-motorized Facilities

Non-motorized 101 Recording 3/31/22   

Non-motorized 102 Recording 4/18/22

The Board of Road Commissioners of the County of Kalamazoo non-motorized policy provides a guideline for the development of non-motorized facilities in the public right-of-way and is committed to working with local governments to develop safe and efficient non-motorized transportation routes throughout the communities within Kalamazoo County. The RCKC recognizes the value of non-motorized facilities, while simultaneously acknowledging the necessity of working within applicable funding requirements and fiscal limitations and competing needs of other public use considerations including utilities, engineering issues such as proper drainage, safety, right-of-way (ROW) dimensions, as well as the competing interests of users such as pedestrians, joggers, runners, strollers and bicyclists. All of these community and administrative interests should be valued appropriately in facilitating the development of a non-motorized policy and process.

The RCKC recognizes the greatest opportunity for input is in the early planning stages for projects. Annually, RCKC publicizes our primary road capital improvement plan projects and works closely with local entities to plan local projects. RCKC also participates in regional non-motorized planning discussions. The needs of all legal users are understood to be important and considered for roadway projects by RCKC.

Providing these non-motorized facilities is generally considered a responsibility of the local unit of government in which it will be located. The RCKC may be involved in certain instances in providing in whole or in part similar non-motorized facilities as they may determine. Non- motorized facilities may be part of a primary or local road or standalone project. 

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