RCKC Honored as a "Friend to Cyclists (FtC)"

(posted Sep 28, 2023)


In September, the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) applied for and was awarded membership as a “Friend to Cyclists”. Friend to Cyclists is a locally focused collective in and near Kalamazoo County, Michigan, that encourages bicycling for transportation, fitness, and pleasure. To qualify for membership, organizations must identify at least three ways they welcome, enjoy, or support cycling. The RCKC has had a longstanding engagement with non-motorized development and is committed to continuing to work with local governments and organizations to develop safe and efficient non-motorized transportation routes throughout the communities within Kalamazoo County.

According to Paul Sotherland, an avid cyclist in Kalamazoo,The Friend to Cyclists (FtC) collective (https://friendtocyclists.com/) is pleased to welcome the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County (RCKC) as an ardent friend to cyclists. The RCKC's advocacy for and support of maintaining safe and inviting roads for cycling throughout Kalamazoo County is a key component of FtC's efforts to "create and sustain well connected, courteous, and vibrant communities." Friend to Cyclists applauds the RCKC's leadership and encourages other organizations to follow in the RCKC's path.”

The RCKC is honored to have received this membership, and to continue to serve the community of Kalamazoo County by maintaining safe roads for all road users. To learn more about the RCKC’s efforts, please visit the Non-motorized tab of our website highlighting efforts with Complete Streets and Non-motorized Facilities https://www.kalamazoocountyroads.com/non_motorized.php.


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